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Utilities & Renewables


The video below is an examples of how Alitek is aligning technology to create efficiencies and reduce costs in the utilities & renewables industry:

Transitioning the Utilities & Renewables Industry To Meet The Goals of Clean Energy Sustainability

This industry is at the forefront of solutions for global climate change risk. The move from fossil fuels to clean energy is being met through rapid changes in business models and digital transformation. The increase in the demand for clean energy also highlights the importance of grid resilience. The ability for grids to adapt to changing conditions, withstand disruptive events and rapidly recover is vital in today’s world. We lead and guide our clients in the journey to creating more sustainable energy solutions through strategic digital transformation and enterprise information alignment and management required to remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving energy arena. By reimagining the way people collaborate, oversee operations and manage the customer experience, Alitek enables corporations to capture, govern and route valuable information throughout the business.

  • Improve operations and compliance in nuclear power generation 
  • Optimize power grid resilience through edge computing 
  • Accelerate the roll out of renewable energy operations through improved engineering and construction processes 
  • Use valuable information to drive action toward real climate change
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