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Information Efficiency & Security

A company’s data is a valuable asset so information needs to be managed efficiently and stored securely. We develop strategies and deliver solutions that help our clients organize, integrate, and protect their information to increase productivity, improve business outcomes, and support innovation. We can help you transform your information into competitive advantage. Our services cover a variety of categories including:

Contract Management

We have experience designing and deploying contract management solutions tailored to our clients’ requirements. Contract lifecycle processes can be needlessly slow and incur unnecessary risk. We deploy solutions than can completely integrate all types of contracts, including buy-side, sell-side, and other legal agreements. All aspects of contract processing, from initiation and request to authoring, negotiation, approval, execution, management, and renewal, can be addressed and streamlined. This enables all contracts to be easily accessible, which translates to shorter cycle times and compliance with internal information governance mandates and regulatory requirements.

Document Management

Document management is the backbone of enterprise content management. By leveraging industry leading document management capabilities, organizations can meet constantly growing content challenges with greater speed, ability, and accuracy, all in a highly secure environment. Our solutions let users collaborate, store, and archive content on a safe platform. We have experience identifying & deploying document management solutions and capabilities tailored to our clients’ needs.

Records Management

We can help you define your records program and deploy an enterprise system of governance, establishing consistency and a disciplined management strategy to ensure compliance with external regulations and internal policies. Risk and costs: two words companies never want to hear due to mismanaged records. Alitek has helped many organizations provide a structured and transparent way to maintain records from creation to disposition, protecting organizations from risks associated with audit and litigation. By elevating enterprise-wide accountability, you can mitigate risk and save money.

File Share Consolidation

The constant expansion of content within an organization typically leads to the expansion of file server storage in response; however, the resulting web of disorganized files and documents will become costly to manage and hard to use. To avoid this problem, organizing data into a central repository is best so storage can be closely monitored and consolidation processes can be automated. We can help you streamline your storage to conserve resources while retaining user satisfaction and productivity.

Microsoft SharePoint Online

Microsoft SharePoint Online is a cloud-based, collaborative platform that makes it easy to access, manage, and share information within your organization. As a Microsoft Silver Partner, Alitek has the training and resources to help you get the most out of your Microsoft investment. Our team of certified experts can guide you through the initial planning and implementation, establish sustainable governance, tailor SharePoint to your needs, or deliver superior business solutions. With Altiek’s help, your organization is certain to realize the following benefits:

  • Access Information 24/7 from the cloud
  • Provide central repository for critical business documents and data
  • Detailed document management functionality
  • Easy to maintain intranet sites for the company and individual business units
  • Powerful search allows for efficient discovery of documents and data

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