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Decommission Legacy Applications to Reduce Your Support & Maintenance Costs

High Value Digital Archiving is our innovative and flexible solution for organizations with vital information assets stranded in outdated, unsupported, or otherwise inaccessible legacy systems. This solution facilitates the timely decommission of legacy applications, increases operational systems performance, and removes associated maintenance costs. Simultaneously, it controls user access to business information based on the leading application’s authorizations and rules. Alitek will partner with you to develop a comprehensive business case or strategy and create a deployment plan that will increase compliance and dramatically reduce your support and maintenance costs. 

Our High Value Digital Archiving supports the following business processes and programs on various enterprise platforms: 

Application Data & Document Archiving

Organizations struggle with care and maintenance of legacy’s applications. The content in the applications has business value but valuable resources are required to stay current on an application, maintain older versions of operating systems, and manage application users. Alitek offers a solution automating the migration of key content and maintain user interface, which reduces traditional risks associated with moving data. This allows you to reduce the burden of the legacy applications while retaining the value of your content.

Governance, Records & Retention Management

In today’s corporate environment organizations can enforce governance through defensible deletion, quarantine or managing content in-place with High Value archiving.  

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