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Information Efficiency & Security

Our highly successful, long-term OpenText partnership provides us with extensive experience with the full Extended Enterprise Content Management (xECM) portfolio of solutions. This robust platform enriches ERP and CRM systems with workflow, records management, collaboration, search capabilities and much more. xECM allows for workspaces to present structured content from an ERP alongside related unstructured content. It can enable users without direct access to the ERP to utilize data from the ERP in these safe workspaces with appropriate permission. We can help you evaluate, select and deploy any of OpenText’s xECM solutions.


Extended ECM for SAP systems connects the OpenText platform to existing SAP business processes to enable seamless information governance and access. Spanning the entire enterprise data lifecycle, xECM for SAP provides document & records management, team & content collaboration, imaging, secure archiving & content search, content-centric workflow, and content retrieval directly from within SAP business process. Businesses of all sizes can combine structured data and unstructured information to substantially improve accuracy & productivity. We can help you develop an xECM strategy and deploy a tailored solution to address your requirements.

Case Studies

For Oracle

Providing comprehensive information governance for both structured data and unstructured content, Extended ECM for Oracle E-Business Suite promotes accessibility while minimizing risk. Through the xECM platform, users with appropriate security permissions can gain insights from relevant documents, emails, and other content, maximizing efficiency. Throughout the entire content lifecycle, consistent management ensures compliance while optimizing productivity. We can help you develop an xECM strategy and deploy a tailored solution to address your requirements.

For Salesforce

Extended ECM for Salesforce connects the OpenText platform to your existing Salesforce cloud to surface ECM capabilities and content inside the Salesforce user interface. This integration enriches the entire content lifecycle in Salesforce for all forms of content, including documents, email, and digital media, such as images and videos. xECM for Salesforce provides businesses of all sizes access to content anywhere and anytime, in the context needed to be relevant, actionable and personal. We can help you develop an xECM strategy and deploy a tailored solution to address your requirements.

Case Studies

For Sharepoint

Many companies use SharePoint as a foundation for information sharing, but full integration of structured and unstructured content has become necessary as digitization expands. OpenText and SAP have worked with Microsoft to enable this integration as well as strengthen collaboration and control. With the information from xECM available on the SharePoint platform, employees can work in a familiar UI while management throughout the content lifecycle ensures compliance and applies standards. We can help you develop an xECM strategy to address your SharePoint challenges and deploy a tailored solution that will engage your users.

Case Studies

For Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365

xECM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables companies to improve regulation of enterprise information, facilitate authorized user access, and centralize content in the cloud or on-premises. Extended ECM connects business processes across sales, marketing, client data, customer service, and field service which can increase collaboration and improve performance. We can help develop an xECM strategy to address your Dynamics CRM requirements and deploy a tailored solution.

Vendor Invoice Management (VIM)

Vendor invoicing should not be an arduous manual process – and with the help of OpenText, it does not have to be. Automatic routing and payment add valuable momentum to workflow schedules. When issues arise, applicable managers can easily procure the invoice status and other relevant information. Through automation and increased oversight, OpenText VIM for SAP Solutions enable better vendor relations and reduced payment cycles. We can help develop your VIM strategy and deploy a solution tailored to your organization.

Case Studies

Success Factors

SAP SuccessFactors and OpenText have joined forces to streamline HR processes. Digitizing employee files improves management, allowing HR business partners easy access while providing a centralized source of content to control compliance standards. The resulting increase in digital workforce engagement can substantially amplify the organization’s efficiency. We can help develop your xECM strategy and deploy a tailored HR solution.

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