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Intelligent Capture

Reduce Document Processing Steps with Intelligent Capture

Core Business Processes in the information age rely on the digitization, classification, and process automation of incoming content. Alitek has developed strategies and integrations from a portfolio of advanced document capture and processing automation products to enable our clients to unlock their business information. Digitizing paper documents into searchable and secure business assets is a low-risk way to improve your business processes. 

Alitek employs a suite of industry-leading solution options to help strategize, integrate, and support your business process in the following areas:

Document Classification and Categorization

Many organizations struggle to keep up with the growing volume of time sensitive information they receive every day. Alitek works with you to understand your current business processes and determine which technologies provide the best fit.

  • Convert all incoming content to searchable information
  • Utilize A.I. and Machine Learning for document routing and approval 
  • Publish content into the enterprise content system for business process use

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses machine learning to understand and automate an organization’s communication triage process and can be integrated with most existing business systems. Alitek will work with your organization to develop rules using your own process. Based on these pre-defined rules, documents are received, data is automatically extracted and processed, and documents are then sorted and sent to their proper department for approval…all in real time.

  • Save up to 80% of current spend by eliminating manual triage and missed SLAs
  • Reduce operational cost through real time visibility into communication channels
  • Free up critical staff from communication channel reviews to focus on higher value tasks 
  • Leverage existing content channels to increase overall productivity

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