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Intelligent Capture

Process Automation with Intelligent Capture

Core business processes in the information age rely on the digitization, classification, and process automation of incoming content. Alitek has developed strategies and integrations from a portfolio of capture and processing automation products to enable our clients to unlock their business information. Capturing the multitude of incoming content types such as fax, email, attachments, web uploads and paper documents and transforming them into searchable and secure business assets is a low-risk way to improve your business processes.  Alitek employs a suite of industry-leading solution options to help strategize, integrate, and support your business process in the following areas:

OpenText Intelligent Capture

OpenText™ Intelligent Capture uses machine learning and AI to automate manual content processes, such as accounts payable, back-file conversion and onboarding, and transform paper and digital content into actionable data. Organizations can securely and efficiently route information to the right users and systems, ensuring accurate information is available when and where it is needed.

OpenText Core Capture

OpenText™ Core Capture is an information capture public cloud SaaS application that leverages continuous machine learning to automate intelligent file classification and data extraction. Core Capture combines standard capture features, such as optical character recognition (OCR), with powerful AI technology to enable intelligent document processing and secure information routing to the right users and systems.

Advanced Recognition (OCR w/Google Vision)

OpenText™ Intelligent Capture can leverage the massive-compute power of the cloud combined with advanced large data sets to boost OCR accuracy beyond what traditional OCR engines capable of. This can in turn leverage the full power of Intelligent Capture’s refined tool and AI/ML models to boost automation to levels never possible until now.

Auto-Learning / Machine Learning and AI

Intelligent Capture’s continuous machine learning improves accuracy and reduces maintenance costs using patented technology to identify document types and analyze text to understand context and employ efficient processes. With a multi-engine approach this continuous machine learning technology ensures documents and data are ready for use in critical business functions.

Workflow Automation

Intelligent Capture’s built-in workflow (aka CaptureFlow) allows for fully automated routing of documents into the required steps for whatever function is needed next – from QA of image quality or data accuracy, custom routing to specific teams or individuals for review all the way to conditional routing based on data thresholds or boosting priority of individual documents based on business logic.

Data Export and Integration

Intelligent Capture’s long history of native integrations to enterprise platforms combined with the continuous refinement of generic export capabilities allow for the integration of nearly any system or database. Simple point and click configurations provide powerful capabilities with native application-specific workflow and security capabilities make for simple yet powerful business acceleration.

Document Classification and Categorization

Many organizations struggle to keep up with the growing volume of time sensitive information they receive every day. Alitek works with you to understand your current business processes and determine which technologies provide the best fit. We can help you convert all incoming content to searchable information, utilize AI and machine learning for document routing and approval, and publish content into the enterprise content system for business process use.

Text Mining for Sentiment Analysis with OpenText Magellan

Hearing the voice of your customer is a challenge in the information rich environment. OpenText™ Magellan™ is a flexible artificial intelligence data analytics platform that uses Natural Language Processing and unstructured data analytics, to easily include unstructured data and facilitate advanced analytics solutions, such as sentiment and emotion analysis tools. Alitek can help your organization enhance enterprise insight discovery, analytics, and decision-making; gain a better understanding of customers, partners, competitors, and market trends; and analyze and extract value from unstructured data. 

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