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Implementation & Integration

Transform your information into actions using technology

We are proven experts in both the implementation and integration of systems into business solutions, ensuring that you are taking full advantage of all your information. Our team supports the selection of the right tools, solution design, build, deployment, training, change management and ongoing support of a comprehensive strategic enterprise information management solution.

Your solution can be deployed on-prem, in your cloud, or we can host it for you as a custom SaaS offering. Our industry-leading deployment team solves your business problems with a focus on user adoption leading to a sustainable competitive advantage. We frequently deploy systems using OpenText Content Server, Documentum, Captiva, Intelligent Capture, SAP S/4, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Power Automate, ABBYY and more.

  • Reduce repetitive and error prone manual activities through automation
  • Identify the right solution based on your unique business needs
  • Automate your critical business processes through solution deployment and integration with internal and external applications
  • Utilize recognized industry leading software solutions to meet business challenges
  • Develop specialized custom solutions to achieve results

Optimize your business processes through the alignment, integration, and automation of information

Our team of experienced professionals is fully equipped to guide any organization, large or small, and accurately provide model business processes. We identify and document areas where you can rapidly improve, streamline, and drive value to your bottom line. We empower organizations by automating workflows, deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions, and enhancing content lifecycle strategies. Furthermore, we increase business value through cost effective use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

  • Lead, facilitate and architect business process rationalization
  • Streamline existing business processes through automation
  • Accelerate profitable business outcomes by aligning processes with information systems

Energize your team through strategic alignment and integration of your systems and information islands

Whether you need data migration, application rationalization, application retirement, upgrades, or moving existing applications to the cloud, our team has the experience-based skills to help you accomplish your goals. We optimize processes within and across your systems that span all platforms, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid. We will also deploy updates & upgrades to existing systems, so you can take advantage of new features and capabilities.

  • Supercharge the operational efficiency of existing information systems
  • Rapidly leverage previously purchased software not yet implemented
  • Align your information applications for faster and more accurate business decision making
  • Upgrade existing information systems with new and enhanced system capabilities
  • Migrate information out of legacy systems to the cloud
  • Archive out-of-maintenance-and-support and systems while continuing to provide access to the legacy data
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