Do Your Processes Work for You Or Against You?

Most businesses are beholden to their legacy information processes. It can be difficult to see past the current way of creating, collaborating, sharing, storing, publishing, and disposing of information. Things like contract management, invoicing and onboarding are just a few document-based processes that may benefit from business process enablement.

The intention of business process enablement is to reduce or eliminate duplication of information, wasting time looking for the information, bottlenecks, and errors caused by using outdated information while achieving the goal of the process. Alitek develops business process enablement plans that allow your information to work for you rather than getting in your way.

Focusing on Your Goals

Alitek begins by developing a map of your existing process and isolating the key components that must always be a part of the process.

We ask questions like:
  • What are you currently doing today?
  • What is not working with the current process?
  • Where does the process stall and why?
  • When do errors occur?
  • What is the goal or desired outcome of this process?
  • What are the business, legal, or regulatory requirements that must be met?

Your Unique Process

Our next step is to identify what makes your company’s process unique.

We ask questions like:
  • When does the process begin and end?
  • What activities move the process forward?
  • What departments and/or employees are involved?
  • What information is being transferred between steps?

We then compare these answers against your existing key components list and existing process map, then identify which steps are not essential to the overall process goal.

If you have a process that is slowing down your business momentum, contact Alitek’s EIM Team to schedule an assessment.

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Information Strategy

Your company’s information is an asset…possibly it’s most valuable asset. So why is it often handled as an afterthought? If you can’t find it, you can’t use it and you certainly can’t protect it. Alitek’s team focuses on developing strategic business solutions that utilize technology to organize and protect your information.

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Solutions Implementation

Did you know that your information could be transformed into actionable knowledge that helps your organization be more efficient? Alitek partners with major software providers including: OpenText, SAP and Microsoft to implement solutions that can yield process efficiencies or competitive advantage. We seek to assist with technology implementations that will be embraced by the business to solve real business needs, not just the implementation of technology for technology’s sake.

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Systems Optimization

Has your team already developed a solution to your business problem but you need software implemented to support it? Alitek works with your existing technology and processes to make them work better for you. Whether that is an update to a process, upgrade to a technology or the addition of a new component to an existing system, our methodology starts with looking at your current system and leveraging what you already have to meet your goals.

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Alitek Premium Services (APS)

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Alitek brought knowledgeable resources who helped us be successful in an area that was new to us. We depended on their help and guidance and it paid off!

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