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Document and Process Management in SharePoint

By March 30, 2022Uncategorized


Document and Process Management in SharePoint

Real Estate Company Streamlines Property Document Management Through Centralization and Standardization in SharePoint


Streamlined Records Collection for all Properties


Simplified Property Information Submission

Business Challenge

  • Difficulty in finding property information due to an inconsistent storage approach
  • Inconsistent interpretations for document storage process by users
  • Cumbersome navigation process to access documents
  • Inconsistent use of metadata complicated document management security
  • Document Control activities were not included in the record submission process
  • Intermittent use of metadata returned incomplete search results


  • Developed a framework that is deployed to every property for file storage location, security, and metadata
  • Created a central drop zone for users to easily drag and drop property records, and populate metadata
  • Mapped current property documents to new structure and migrated files into SharePoint
  • Utilized a Power App for reviewing and processing of property record submissions by the document control team

Benefits & ROI

  • Simplified the user submittal process for property documents through the centralized drop zone
  • Improved access of managed content and easier search through automated metadata tagging
  • Improved efficiency by enabling easier searching for property files from multiple levels of metadata and facets
  • Aligned regulatory and business standards for property records by incorporating document controllers in the submission process
  • Reduced the number of content management systems by standardizing the SharePoint Online platform