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Consumer Packaged Goods – Digital Innovation

By March 18, 2021May 7th, 2021Uncategorized


Consumer Packaged Goods – Digital Innovation

Consumer Packaged Organization implements digital-enable, business transformational processes for Engineering tied to Manufacturing and Major Capital Projects


Improved Capital Projects efficiency


Positively impacted sales and product turnover

Business Challenge

  • Management of product specifications, definitions & updates such as product attributes, labels, and campaign branding.
  • Delays in business approvals caused gaps in shipments from warehouses to the distributers with no tracking and audits of materials.
  • No standard process or system in place to manage content tied to CAPEX initiatives nor visibility into business process, resulting in gaps in data, documentation, and deliverables in Engineering.
  • Lack of operational handoff due to the above gaps.
  • Business process to submit CAPEX and OPEX Procurement allocations are manual, paper-based and disconnected with no time drivers.


  • Standardized and automated the product specifications process by digitizing each work step and providing auto delivery of information and content via ERP portal.
  • Transparency created with analytical dynamic dashboards for end-users including C-level.
  • Automation and deployment of engineering controls in sites from Bids to As-Builts, including for external vendors.
  • Supply Chain Digital Enablement for all CAPEX and OPEX Budget Allocations.
  • Consolidation of various sources of content &  information into a single repository for all product specifications, engineering and Procurement content that is secure, searchable, and audited.
  • Dynamic ERP (SAP) sync with content

Benefits & ROI

  • Significant time reductions in business process durations allowed sites to deliver quicker, efficiently and in compliance which directly impacted sales and product turnover positively.
  • Provided a centralized and a secure way for external parties to annotate, markup, or approve content related to various engineering projects. 
  • Visibility into the creation and approval process allows management to proactively identify bottlenecks and work with stakeholders on permanent improvement solutions.
  • Automation of CAPEX and OPEX business processes reduced fund approval & release times up to 65% which equaled to Capital Projects efficiency.