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Paperless Office Strategy

By February 7, 2021May 12th, 2022Uncategorized


Paperless Office Strategy

Commercial Real Estate organization leverages existing technology investment to move to a paperless office.


Improved business operations through technology


Leveraged existing technology investment

Business Challenge

  • With 75 commercial properties and 30 multi-family communities along the West Coast, our family-owned client built its success on 30 years of manual, paper-based processes
  • Manually signing and storing paper documents was cumbersome, slow, and inefficient
  • The client recognized to compete in a high-tech era, it must retool its people, processes, and technology to evolve into a Paperless organization
  • The client had an existing Box implementation but was unsure of the technology fit for its future state


  • Defined quick-wins to immediately improve information management, using existing toolset
  • Provided an approach for reviewing and managing all onsite paper-to-electronic format conversion
  • Reviewed EIM platform requirements to validate current technology capability
  • Built a multi-year EIM program roadmap, outlining individual projects and known dependencies
  • Provided budgetary estimate for EIM program rollout and expected benefits

Benefits & ROI

  • Enabled business to utilize existing platform investment to initiate the Paperless Office rollout
  • Aligned user expectations for near-term and long-term Paperless Office operations
  • Identified current manual or paper-based processes that will be automated and streamlined, to improve their ongoing operational efficiency
  • Assisted with improving organization’s retention schedule, technology policies, and email best practices