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Monitoring Power Automate Flows for Critical Processes

By April 19, 2022May 12th, 2022Uncategorized


Monitoring Power Automate Flows for Critical Processes

National Aviation Services Provider Ensures Worker Safety from COVID Pandemic Through Flowatcher365


Identified potential COVID cases prior to work shifts


Reduced COVID tracking Flow errors

Business Challenge

  • Client needed to survey all employees prior to their work shift about potential COVID symptoms and report the results directly to HR for follow-up
  • A COVID Compliance Survey, without error handling, was quickly deployed at the beginning of the pandemic using Microsoft Power Automate
  • Survey results with positive COVID symptoms caused the Flow to fail leading to HR only receiving negative COVID symptom results
  • Without error-handling to catch Flow failures, the Flow failure wasn’t identified until the Flow owner received the weekly notification email from Power Automate


  • Client subscribed to Flowatcher365 to monitor ALL their existing Flows
  • All existing client Flows were immediately monitored on an hourly basis
  • Client created custom Groups for all Flows through Flowatcher365 to notify both business users and IT about Flow failures
  • Client now has access to enhanced reporting and analytics for all their successful and failed Flow executions

Benefits & ROI

  • Client is assured that COVID Compliance results are being delivered on a timely basis to HR
  • Flow monitoring was active within hours of signing up with Flowatcher365
  • All client Flows were monitored for an entire year for less cost than adding error-handling to just the COVID compliance Flow
  • All new Flows are monitored without requiring any additional coding steps