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Centralized Nuclear Information Management System

By February 7, 2021May 12th, 2022Uncategorized


Centralized Nuclear Information Management System

Major Nuclear Utility improves safety, reduces headcount, and reduces cyber security risk through OpenText Content Server


Improved operational excellence through improved content management


Reduced cyber risk through modernization of content management program

Business Challenge

  • Legacy content in Filenet repositories no accessible during significant legal discovery
  • 20+ legacy Nuclear, Fossil & Corporate divisions’ Filenet repositories several revisions out of support, due to significant customization & Filenet EOL
  • NRC audit CARs (Corrective Actions Reports) liability resulting from inability to produce current versions of procedures from electronic sources
  • No retention or disposition processes Manual Drawing & Transmittal management solution not workable as knowledge workers retired
  • Physical content only available through conversations with document custodians


  • Deployed a centralized Content Server platform for all legacy and future content
  • Migrated 75+ TB content to new application and retired Filenet
  • Implemented standard retention across entire corporation, including event-based retention, including trigger event workflows for single & multipage documents
  • Implemented custom Procedure searches & migrated all current procedures, successfully meeting procedure audit requirements
  • Defined and implemented a solution for drawings & transmittals

Benefits & ROI

  • Provided a platform to manage all corporate content and meet all future legal discovery needs
  • Improved user adoption for content management and access which reduced labor hours by the document coordinators
  • Avoided CARs/resulting fines & penalties
  • Improved application upgrade & patch process which reduces cyber risk
  • Reduced support costs to maintain complex customizations in legacy Filenet application