Oil & Gas


The videos below are examples of how Alitek is aligning technology to create efficiencies and reduce costs in the Energy Industry:

Driving Sustainability and Value in Oil & Gas Through Digital Transformation

As the Oil and Gas industry continues to transition into a period of global transformation, organizations are shifting their focus beyond traditional operational challenges to reflect social responsibility measurements and reporting demanded by environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. Our solutions deliver real world answers to real world challenges across the entire industry, ranging from upstream creation, generation, and production to midstream delivery, chemical manufacturing, and refined products. Alitek has been at the forefront of leveraging technology to drive enhanced profitability for shareholders, and support stakeholder value required in ESG measurement, monitoring, and reporting.

  • Streamline and optimize existing operations through the deployment of digital well files, remote well monitoring, and digitized work order tracking 
  • Manage engineering documents and integrating suppliers into the engineering process 
  • Optimizing management and access to new and existing geophysical data 
  • Maximizing oil field service personnel productivity and safety through mobile applications 
  • Identify improved business processes aligning and meeting ESG goals and strategy