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Document / Contract Management in SharePoint

By February 7, 2021May 12th, 2022Uncategorized


Document/Contract Management in SharePoint

Energy Company improves operational efficiency through SharePoint content management and search


for legal contracts improved operations and reduced legal risk


Improved corporate search for business critical documents

Business Challenge

  • Certain legal documents were highly sensitive and required restricted access. These included grievances, medical (HIPAA) information, and merger & acquisition (M&A) information
  • Legal documents were stored on different systems (file shares, employee PCs etc.) and were often inaccessible/unsearchable


  • Provided method for users to flag a document as confidential
  • Documents flagged as confidential had access restrictions applied immediately
  • Migrated key documents from local file shares and user PCs to targeted SharePoint sites
  • Enabled robust search functionality, utilizing search forms with refiners to allow users to readily narrow their search results

Benefits & ROI

  • Reduced time spent looking for business-critical documents
  • Enabled user self-service for document searching, ensuring that the most recent and relevant versions were available
  • Verifiably enforced security for sensitive documents