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Vendor Invoice Management for SAP with Extended ECM

By April 24, 2024April 26th, 2024Uncategorized


Vendor Invoice Management for SAP with Extended ECM

Global Textiles Manufacturer reduces storage costs and improves invoice processing time with OpenText xECM and VIM


Reduction in Storage Costs


Faster Average Invoice Processing Time

Business Challenge

  • Accounts Payable department on mixture of ECC, S4HANA, and other internal legacy systems not yet converted to SAP​
  • Reporting and processing of invoices were manual, complex and time consuming with no ability to view across all entities​
  • Different processes across the organization due to company, country and regional specific regulations and requirements​
  • Users were only able to view invoicing performed in the system they were working in and not across all systems


  • Deployed Intelligent Capture for SAP to OCR all invoices across the enterprise, and store images and data in a centralized OpenText Archive and Document Access repository​
  • Deployed OpenText Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) on both S4HANA and ECC systems, aligning with the upgrades and deployment schedules of each location​
  • Deployed xECM to all SAP and non-SAP entities for invoice and document archiving via xECM Business Workspaces, allowing for full access, visibility and reporting capabilities for AP management​
  • Intelligent Capture and VIM were deployed in 5 different languages and across 13 different countries

Benefits & ROI

  • 70% reduction in storage costs through consolidation of all invoices across the enterprise into one single repository for both SAP and non-SAP locations​
  • 65% faster average invoice processing time for all Account Payable locations globally while also accommodating the legal and regulatory compliance requirements of each country, company or region​
  • Enterprise-wide reporting callabilities provided tools to identify and proactively address potential risks and allowed for a 100% increase in the ability to identify process improvements ​
  • 80% increase in the ability to take advantage of discount opportunities
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