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Streamline Patient Referrals with Capture

By March 30, 2022Uncategorized


Streamline Patient Referrals with Capture

Nationwide Hospital System Reduced Time and Cost of Referral Processing using Intelligent Capture (Captiva)


Average Referral Processing Time


Reduction in Referral Processing Costs

Business Challenge

  • Client received electronic patient referrals from a variety of doctors and hospitals through multiple electronic channels
  • Existing process was labor intensive and required printing, reviewing, organizing, categorizing, and manual routing to personnel for review and acceptance
  • Frequently lost desirable referrals due to long processing time
  • High rate of manual errors in referral preparation and review led to inaccurate vetting and acceptance of patients outside of coverage capabilities


  • Automatically categorize and organize incoming referrals with 70-90%+ accuracy using Intelligent Capture (Captiva)
  • Provided an electronic dashboard for personnel to confirm, correct, and approve final referral packet
  • Routing and notification of categorized referral packet to appropriate facility and decision maker
  • Existing referral is automatically processed and categorized when new information is added

Benefits & ROI

  • Reduced time to process, prepare, and route a referral from days or hours to less than 15 minutes
  • Reduced categorization and routing labor costs by 90%
  • Reduced time to add new incoming referral channels through standardized ingestion process
  • Provided a scalable automation platform that can be utilized to improve processing of other document types e.g., Prior Authorizations
  • Achieved better patient outcomes through improved alignment of patient needs and hospital capabilities