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SAP Document Archiving

By March 18, 2021May 7th, 2021Uncategorized


SAP Document Archiving

Global Plastic Bottle Manufacturer consolidates historical SAP data on OpenText Archive Center


Reduced storage, maintenance, and labor costs


Maximized investment in a single archiving platform

Business Challenge

  • Custom plastic bottle manufacturer serving multiple Fortune 500 firms
  • In the process of divesting financial and shipping records into an independent SAP system
  • Archiving documents with SAP ArchiveLink
  • Maintaining a legacy EasySoft archive repository with 1.8M BoLs and AP Invoices


  • Deployed OpenText Archive Center as a repository for SAP content
  • Migrated 4 years of historical data from EasySoft to OpenText
  • Reconfigured SAP ArchiveLink to access documents in OpenText with no coding needed

Benefits & ROI

  • Decommissioned legacy systems for $20K of hard savings
  • Reduced IT effort by streamlining supported applications
  • Reduced storage costs by disposing of historical data
  • Leveraged investment in OpenText Archive Center as the primary content repository
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