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Salesforce Automation with Extended ECM

By March 18, 2021May 7th, 2021Uncategorized


Salesforce Automation with Extended ECM

Major Teachers Union and Union Welfare Fund Improves Members Service through Salesforce Extended Content Management.


Improved portfolio action times and efficiencies


Improved regulatory compliance, enforced financial governance and streamlined information structure

Business Challenge

  • Existing EIM platform was outdated, restrictive, inefficient and lacked basic document management
  • Content could only be added through outdated and custom capture processes
  • Users search for information was difficult and did not allow adding or updating information directly
  • Users had difficulty accessing content in existing systems, particularly with information generated from their new CRM, Salesforce
  • Lack of Digital Transformation and content relationships related to Salesforce processes
  • Delayed content uploads because existing Capture process lacked recognition rules and users had to manually validate information


  • Rolled out a content management layer through OpenText Extended ECM (xECM) for Salesforce
  • Upgraded the existing capture process with Intelligent Capture and integrated it to Salesforce
  • Utilized integrated workspaces so users had a single point of access and capability to add, update and manage account information directly from Salesforce
  • Migrated content from legacy and active content repositories to rationalize the content layer and automate content linking to Salesforce
  • Utilized Intelligent Capture processes enabled OCR layer during the migration effort on the existing content to enable consistent metadata models
  • Optimized electronic forms and workflows to integrate to Salesforce accounts

Benefits & ROI

  • Improved portfolio action times and efficiencies more than 50% through streamlining of Salesforce business processes with Intelligent Capture Automation
  • Better document ingestion, accurate intelligent recognition, faster data validation, and timely business processing using Intelligent Capture.
  • Applied compliant content hierarchy for critical content to improve legal and audit processes
  • Consolidated content management platforms to improve content capabilities and allow for continued growth and expansion to other areas
  • Enabled users to deliver business content dynamically through Salesforce xECM auto-creation and archive Salesforce Account and Case information