Project Inititation

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Project Initiation

Professional Services Company standardizes project management processes using SharePoint Online & Power Automate


Reduced overhead


Maximized value of project collateral

Business Challenge

  • Limited resources available to manage legacy project status dashboard
  • Disjointed technologies for managing team communications
  • Inconsistent methodology for managing projects
  • Key project information was being maintained in disparate documents
  • No reporting against project metrics and resource allocation


  • Implemented completely self-service project setup and maintenance portal
  • Eliminated manual task of SP project site creation utilizing a new project site template with key extensions (web parts)
  • Incorporated the automated setup of a Microsoft Team and SharePoint site for each project
  • Provided a form to specify project roles and automatically grant access to appropriate Teams and SharePoint sites
  • Designed and implemented object model to standardize key project information
  • Created project reports utilizing consolidated metadata from new project sites

Benefits & ROI

  • Improved communication by integrating Microsoft Teams alongside SharePoint project sites
  • Created consistency across all new project sites utilizing project template ensures smoother transitions during team changes and eliminates information “gaps”
  • Improved project managers’ efficiency by automatically applying metadata to project documents
  • Significantly enhanced users’ ability to search and find project documents
  • Automated billing setup and ongoing management with new project model