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Automating Invoice Processing in Distribution

By March 29, 2022Uncategorized


Automating Invoice Processing in Distribution

Sporting Goods Direct Marketing & Distribution Company Reduced Operational Cost Through Invoice Automation


Reduction in Invoice Processing Overhead Costs


Improved Early Pay Discount Results

Business Challenge

  • Multiple unique invoice types, each with their own processing needs, required significant manual processing and review
  • Invoice payments to vendors were delayed due to complex and manual invoice processes
  • Organization lacked visibility into the accounts payable cash flow due to manual invoice processing
  • Early pay discounts weren’t being utilized due to the duration of the manual coding and approval process


  • Provided strategic guidance to client in standardizing their unique business processes
  • Implemented ingestion solutions, invoice routing, and business exceptions for all invoice types
  • Delivered solutions for unique accounts payable business processes that couldn’t be standardized
  • Enabled full visibility and comprehensive reporting for all invoices
  • Integrated the client’s HR Org Chart for invoice approval standardization

Benefits & ROI

  • Reduced invoice processing time by automating routing of invoices to the proper department
  • Reduced manual changes to invoice approval routing details through an HR system integration
  • Improved cash flow management through analytic and data assessment
  • Utilized OCR technology to reduce manual data entry errors and automate validation with SAP data
  • Improved efficiency by AP staff due to reduced invoicing processing time