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Archiving of SAP Financials to InfoArchive

By March 18, 2021May 7th, 2021Uncategorized


Archiving of SAP Financials to InfoArchive

Financial Trading company archives legacy ERP while keeping active access to legacy data


SLA Compliance


Achieved project ROI within 1 year

Business Challenge

  • Customer moved from SAP to Workday. The day forward Workday environment did not contain historical SAP data that customer needed to continually access
  • The client had to maintain two systems and  continue to pay SAP for support and  maintenance
  • New users had to be trained in both SAP  and Workday


  • Moved all SAP data to a common archive platform
  • Solution included the ability to recreate SAP t‐Codes allowing for continued reporting and limited disruption to the team
  • Archiving solution pulled data from SAP and did not change the format or architecture
  • Migration to the archive audited all  transactions resulting in a Chain of Custody report that was used to validate the environment
  • Out of the box integration with SSO

Benefits & ROI

  • Customer achieved an ROI within 12 months of archiving from SAP
  • Standard archiving platform to train all users on
  • Users have direct access to key information in real time
  • Better customer service
  • The ability to report on all tasks in the process, managing operational efficiencies and ensuring 100% SLA compliance
  • SAP servers were decommissioned, and data center footprint reduced
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