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Geological & Geophysical Data Management

Data Management Services

We partner with Weir Consulting, an industry-leading geological & geophysical data subject matter expertise firm. We have worked closely with Weir Consulting for over a decade to jointly provide G&G data management services to our clients.

We can staff a dedicated team of experienced technical & functional personnel to manage your highly-valuable G&G data. Our staff can work on-site, side-by-side with your employees to implement best-practices workflows that can be tailored to your organization. We can also provide remote personnel, as needed.

Our proven workflows and processes, supported by our software & hand-held hardware, can help significantly reduce costs and speed delivery of data to your G&G professionals:
  • Ordering, receiving, cataloging, QCing and loading new seismic data
  • Remediation and governance of existing seismic data
  • Navigation enrichment
  • Entitlements analysis, confirmation, and contracts management
  • Plan, implement and manage remediation for aging or obsolete media
  • Well file consolidation and enrichment (physical & electronic)
  • Core management & well log management
We can staff a dedicated team with roles that include the right combination of:
  • Manager and client liaison
  • Supervisor
  • Cataloger
  • Librarian & data loading
  • Scanning & indexing
  • Seismic data navigation analysis and enhancement
  • QA/QC
  • Entitlement analyst and contract management
  • Sales and licensing
  • Acquisition & Divestiture support
  • Warehouse manager / supervisor
  • Inventory control
  • Shipping and receiving

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