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Alitek SaaS

Reduce Costs & Increase Competitiveness

We can help you plan and deploy a SaaS offering that provides advanced business solutions in the cloud. Working with partners and leveraging our expertise in cloud and mobile development, we have several solutions that we can help you deploy to reduce costs and increase competitiveness. Our services cover a variety of categories including but not limited to:

Mobile Field Service Enablement & Data Capture

We implement & deploy advanced mobile solutions that address the full life cycle of field service work orders, scheduling, reporting, information access and data capture. These solutions take advantage of advanced features like barcode scanning, GPS-enablement, and mapping to deliver a robust and highly productive mobile experience. We can also integrate your new mobile solution with existing applications and 3rd parties, further reducing costs and increasing productivity.

We can also help you with total digitization & automation by integrating a variety of IoT connected devices to provide predictive maintenance, manufacturer insight, and customer support.

We are Detechtion’s preferred implementation partner for their industry-leading Fieldlink mobility platform for:
  • Oilfield Chemical Program Management
  • Water Hauling
  • Asset Maintenance & Repair
  • Compression Fleet Management
  • Surveys, Inspections, Audits, Checklists & Questionnaires (EHS and others)
  • Time & Expense for field personnel
  • Customized, mobile field data capture for any industry

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Oilfield Data Interchange for Fieldlink (ODIS)

Virtually all companies in the oilfield are being forced to move away from email, FTP and portal downloads for exchanging data to enable more timely and automated data interchange. Producers, in particular, are demanding to receive data more consistently and frequently from vendors. Service Providers’ systems and staff often do not have the capabilities or bandwidth to tackle different data integrations with multiple customers.

For customers of Detechtion’s Fieldlink mobility platform, ODIS provides a non-intrusive, cloud-based solution that can significantly reduce the costs & risks associated with deploying & operating these new data interchanges. We can also support non-Fieldlink clients who need to interface with Fieldlink customers. Whether you are a Producer or a Service Provider, we can help you. We have substantial experience implementing and supporting multiple data integrations to/from multiple Producers and Vendors.

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Surgical Preference Card Management — SurgCard℠

We can help you take control of your preference cards to increase patient safety, save time & costs, and increase surgeon and staff satisfaction. Most surgeons are frustrated by inaccurate preference cards, and hospitals are faced with substantial patient risk and material waste.  Preference card systems update cards, but you need a way to proactively manage how your cards are kept up-to-date on a timely basis. We have assembled advanced scanning hardware & software, secure online storage, and nimble workflow automation into a SaaS offering called SurgCard℠.  SurgCard℠ can be leased for a surprisingly low cost and implemented quickly. In addition to the included, standard workflows, customized workflows and integrations can be added.

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