Protect Your Most Valuable Company Asset

Your company’s information is an asset…possibly its most valuable asset. If you can’t find it, you can’t use it, and you certainly can’t protect it. Our team can help you develop a strategic business solution that will utilize technology to organize and protect your information.

Alitek offers a variety of strategic services to help you identify, plan, implement and deploy technology solutions. While there are similarities, there are no two situations that are exactly alike. Each strategic plan is client-specific. Our general approach is to look at how content is generated, managed and used within a company to find the tools to improve those processes and to ensure that the right people have access to the right data at all times. The resulting strategic plan addresses the entire lifecycle of a technology solution, including ongoing operations and future refinement of the system to address your business’ evolving needs.

The key to success is creating a strategy before making decisions on technology investments.

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Contact us if you need help with process mapping and optimization, software selection, utilization of current software, software analysis or development of a software roadmap.

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Other Services

Solutions Implementation

Did you know that your information could be transformed into actionable knowledge that helps your organization be more efficient? Alitek partners with major software providers including: OpenText, SAP and Microsoft to implement solutions that can yield process efficiencies or competitive advantage. We seek to assist with technology implementations that will be embraced by the business to solve real business needs, not just the implementation of technology for technology’s sake.

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Business Process Enablement

Your company’s information has a life cycle that includes how it is created, how people collaborate using it, how they share it, analyze it, publish it, retain and dispose of it. If there is a missing or broken link in any part of this lifecycle, all the technology in the world isn’t going to fix it. Alitek has expertise in working with your team to map your content driven processes and determining how your information drives your business and makes you more efficient.

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Systems Optimization

Has your team already developed a solution to your business problem but you need software implemented to support it? Alitek works with your existing technology and processes to make them work better for you. Whether that is an update to a process, upgrade to a technology or the addition of a new component to an existing system, our methodology starts with looking at your current system and leveraging what you already have to meet your goals.

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Alitek Premium Services (APS)

Alitek Premium Services (APS) is designed to help you plan, build, and maintain your IT environment. We recognize each client has different needs, and for that reason we are flexible in providing the service offering that is right for you. Our team of EIM experts supports organizations of all sizes, helping them gain more value from their EIM systems and reduce their operating costs.

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I have to express my appreciation to you guys! You have made this experience a very positive one. In doing so, you have also given me hope that we have landed a premier strategic partner! I cannot express enough what a positive experience this has been.

CIO, Major Non-Profit Organization