Driving Business Value and Mitigating Risk

AliTek Consulting aligns business and technology to drive value and reduce risk. Our expert consultants help clients think through solving their business challenges with process first and technology second.

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AliTek Consulting helps businesses leverage technology to drive value and reduce risk. We have the knowledge and experience to create best in class solutions for our clients’ needs.
AliTek at 2014 World Cup in Brazil
June 12 - July 13
AliTek has teamed up with world leaders in armored and unarmored transportation with Camkar & RoyalCOOP.
AliTek leads workshop at NERC Grid Security Conference 
September 17, 2013 
AliTek led a comprehensive physical security training course focused exclusively on electric producers and transmission companies to assist...
AliTek helps your company get control of your information so you can use it effectively. Leverage our experts and your content to drive your business forward.

Helping your company mitigate risk and protect your assets through security, environmental health and safety, business continuity, and regulatory compliance, AliTek provides policy and plan development, audits and training.

​Driving Business Value and Reducing Risk
AliTek Rail Security
On April 23, 2014, Transport Canada published Protective Direction Number 33. This directive requires offerors and importers of UN1170 ethanol, UN1202 diesel fuel,