The world’s market-leading enterprise content management system

OpenText is the leading Enterprise Information Management suite on the market.  Alitek has partnered with OpenText for over a decade to deliver industry leading business solutions.

Alitek is experienced in delivering business-focused solutions that can integrate into your existing content repositories to manage your documents and other unstructured content.  Whether our clients are looking to install, expand or enhance an OpenText infrastructure, Alitek provides experienced personnel who can seamlessly fit into any environment to help optimize the investment in their OpenText software.

Document Management

Document management is the backbone of enterprise content management. OpenText Content Server’s core document management capabilities are the basis by which organizations meet ever-growing enterprise content challenges with greater speed, efficiency and accuracy, all in a highly secure environment.

SAP Solutions

SAP provides Enterprise Application Software that helps companies run better, faster and more efficient. The breadth of offerings provided by SAP allow organizations to efficiently manage information and processes. From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device – SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. SAP® applications and services enable customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably.

SharePoint Governance and Integration

OpenText’s Governance and Integration suite for Microsoft SharePoint enables deep integration between SharePoint and OpenText’s core features. Capitalizing on the advantages and opportunities of SharePoint while ensuring a comprehensive information governance strategy, organizations are able to seamlessly integrate SharePoint content into a single enterprise repository, resulting in a holistic view of business content that is critical for quicker decision making, improving efficiencies, and driving productivity.

Records Management

Electronic Records Management programs reduce risk and cost. A disciplined, enterprise-wide records management strategy ensures organizations can comply with external regulations and internal policies by managing the retention and disposition of content. When corporate information sources are brought under central information governance, there is a level of consistency that is not possible with different systems. By providing a structured and transparent way to maintain records from creation through to eventual disposition, Records Management enhances corporate accountability, ensures regulatory compliance, and minimizes the risks associated with audit and litigation.

Engineering Document Management

OpenText Engineering Document Management provides a single, reliable repository for storing and organizing engineering documents. The solution provides engineers and supporting teams with a secure, collaborative web-based environment to create, capture, review, and manage, both completed and work-in-progress engineering documents. Additionally, engineering teams can use features such transmittal management, automated document numbering, integration with popular CAD design platforms, and advanced workflow capabilities to route documents for review and approval, and more.

Contract Management

OpenText Contract Center provides a completely integrated solution for all types of contracts, including buy-side, sell-side, and other legal agreements. It is an out-of-the-box solution for all aspects of contract processing, from initiation and request, to authoring, negotiation, approval, execution, management, and renewal.  The solution ensures all contracts are easily accessible avoiding long cycle times and high costs of contract management, and the risk of not complying with internal information governance mandates or regulatory requirements.

Email Management

OpenText Email Solutions ensure effective measures to securely store, manage, and retrieve your organization’s email content. Using email management solutions, your organization can quickly and transparently reduce costs by offloading large amounts of email from your mail server for storage in a single repository that is more suitable for long-term retention. Critical business information can be retrieved quickly, helping to improve efficiency. Compliance is more easily achieved with the ability to assess, identify, manage, and destroy business content in accordance with external regulations and internal policies.

Scanning Solution Integration

OpenText’s portfolio of advanced document capture and processing products allows organizations to unlock the data held in file rooms and on paper forms. Converting paper documents into electronic information that is captured, searchable and secure allows entities to reduce manual keying and paper handling, accelerate business processing, improve data quality, and save money.

Extended ERM (xECM) for ERP

The OpenText Extended Enterprise Content Management (xECM) portfolio enriches structured systems like ERP and CRM with a robust content management layer that incorporates additional features such as workflow, records management, collaboration, and robust search capabilities. xECM allows for the creation of workspaces that present structured data from the ERP in context with applicable supporting unstructured content, so that users can operate with peak efficiency. Additionally, users who may not have direct access to the ERP may access ERP data and corresponding documents in secure workspaces with permissions appropriate to their role.



An Industry Leader for ECM Technology Systems

A complete content management strategy is the key to a successful business transformation. Over the last 25 years, Documentum has established itself as an industry standard platform for content management, delivering results to clients in the most demanding information driven environments.

With the acquisition of Documentum by OpenText, Alitek has made a direct investment in expanding our resources with expertise in Documentum technology. Alitek has the proficiency to assist our clients with their Documentum infrastructure and ensure they are fully optimizing their investment.

Documentum Platform

The OpenText Documentum Platform is a content management system designed for enterprise and delivers essential capabilities for accessing and controlling all of your content information assets. The Documentum Platform includes Content Server and xPlore Management.


OpenText Documentum Webtop is a browser-based interface that offers access to the OpenText Documentum repository and enterprise content management services. Webtop’s easy-to-use, folder-based interface requires minimal training allowing quick deployment.


OpenText Documentum D2 is the advanced, intuitive, and configurable content-centric client for Documentum designed to speed up the adoption of OpenText applications. Strong configuration relinquishes the need for custom code, leading to quick deployment and significantly lower costs associated with maintaining systems.


OpenText Documentum xCP is a flexible development platform designed to drive better business decisions based on automating complex, information-intensive processes. xCP allows increased productivity and reducing cycle times, mainly associated with high-volume people-driven processes, by giving users access to all relevant content. Whether it’s Big Data or any other source, xCP incorporates all types of information and provides real-time visibility, content analytics, and insight into your business. xCP offers a simple, adaptable technology for fast, repetitive application development and deployment of cloud-ready solutions with the ability to scale as customer needs continue to evolve.


OpenText Captiva is a process driven capture software platform that can transform your paper documents into digital content that is application ready. Captiva solutions reduce costs and minimize risk, streamlining integration of new and existing systems by drastically trimming manual processes.

Retention Policy Services

OpenText Documentum Retention Policy Services (RPS) provides automated retention and disposition of records in accordance with compliance regulations and best practices. RPS automatically applies policies in order to maximize policy adherence and minimize end-user involvement. RPS allows management of documents that incorporate appropriate retention policies for the duration of their lifecycle phase. In addition, RPS allows configuration options for automatic deletion at policy end, as well as the ability to set mandatory conditions and approvals prior to disposal.

Records Manager

OpenText Documentum Records Management allows records lifecycle control with policies that match organizational requirements, by utilizing certified OpenText Documentum records management. With Records Management, you can manually declare records in accordance with regulations, and classify records throughout your organization by implementing a hierarchical folder structure. Records Manager also gives you the capability to identify eligible records, request authorizations, and schedule deletions to ensure proper disposal.



A Leading Provider of Value-Added ECM solutions for OpenText Content Server

GlobalCents (GCI) helps organizations operating in heavily regulated industries such as Life Sciences, Energy and Finance to better manage their information and content lifecycles providing organizations critical extensions to the OpenText Content Suite. Alitek has partnered with GCI to implement their PowerTools Suite enabling you to streamline every aspect of your regulated information management process.

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Alitek worked with us to implement SAP’s Vendor Invoice Management module. They worked closely with us to staff the project with the correct resources and provide excellent technical knowledge. Their responsiveness in addressing client needs makes them an invaluable partner for project implementations.

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