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Power Automate Flow Management Console

Alitek Watch is an essential management tool for users of the Power Automate platform.

Alitek Watch provides notifications, monitoring, tracking and analysis of flows which enhance the Power Automate capabilities and improve ROI. With Alitek Watch, flows can be logically categorized into process groups where responders can be assigned to address flow errors. All resolutions to Flow run errors are collected and stored in a searchable library to assist responders with similar errors in the future. Enhanced dashboards allow for a drill down analysis based on a selected range and specific criteria.

Additionally, Alitek Watch subscribers have access to EIM industry experts that will help work through issues, configurations, and development tasks when needed.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Flow Run History Retention
  • Flow Error Monitoring and Notifications
  • Ability to logically combine flows into process groups
  • Assign error responders to specific flows or process groups
  • Industry Expert Advisory Sessions
  • Automatically re-enable suspended flows
  • Detailed Dashboards for Flows, Process Groups and Power Automate Environments
  • Ability to capture and review resolutions for all Flow run errors
  • Direct navigation into specific flow runs through console
  • Export Flow run data to CSV, EXCEL, or PDF
  • App ID & App Secret Expiration Notifications

* Flow run error notifications are sent without requiring Flow level modification.

* Flow run error notifications are sent without requiring Flow level modification.

Flow Errors and Responders

Primary (bar) chart displays the total count of each error type for a specific flow within a selected range. Secondary (donut) chart displays responders who have logged an error resolution for the flow or selected error type for the specified range.

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My Error Queue

Displays an error queue for all flow runs and corresponding data associated to an assigned responder. Lists details can be searched, sorted, or exported.

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