Developing Strategies. Delivering Solutions.

Alitek’s services are focused on developing strategies and delivering solutions that help companies organize, integrate and control their information to increase efficiency, access and innovation.

Some of the valuable solutions that Alitek has delivered include the following:
  • OpenText Partner – The tools you use are just as important as the methodology that you use to implement them. OpenText provides the most comprehensive suite of ECM software solutions in the market. Through our partnership with OpenText and experience in delivering enterprise information solutions; we have built a reputation as a premier EIM solution provider.
  • SAP document management – Integrating SAP systems with company document management strategy.
  • Enterprise Search – Easily getting access to information where it lives.
  • Information Document Management – Designing and implementing strategies to manage content to improve business processes and get people the content they need to make great decisions.
  • E-Discovery – Insuring that the organization has the ability to respond to discoveries efficiently and limiting liability.
  • Contracts Management – Streamlining the contracts lifecycle processes and making sure that they are available to the people that need them.
  • SharePoint Document Management – We have the experience and skills to integrate SharePoint solutions into a company’s overall content strategy.

Information Strategy

Your company’s information is an asset…possibly it’s most valuable asset. So why is it often handled as an afterthought? If you can’t find it, you can’t use it and you certainly can’t protect it. Alitek’s EIM team focuses on developing strategic business solutions that utilize technology to organize and protect your information.

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Solutions Implementation

Did you know that your information could be transformed into actionable knowledge that helps your organization be more efficient? Alitek partners with major software providers including: OpenText, SAP and Microsoft to implement solutions that can yield process efficiencies or competitive advantage. We seek to assist with technology implementations that will be embraced by the business to solve real business needs, not just the implementation of technology for technology’s sake.

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Business Process Enablement

Your company’s information has a life cycle that includes how it is created, how people collaborate using it, how they share it, analyze it, publish it, retain and dispose of it. If there is a missing or broken link in any part of this lifecycle, all the technology in the world isn’t going to fix it. Alitek has expertise in working with your team to map your content driven processes and determining how your information drives your business and makes you more efficient.

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Systems Optimization

Has your team already developed a solution to your business problem, but the systems that support that solution need to be maintained or updated? Our experts can plan and implement process improvements, technology updates and upgrades as well as streamline your support processes.  Our Alitek Premium Services team specializes in maintaining existing systems, reducing downtime and ensuring your systems are meeting your business needs.

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Alitek Premium Services (APS)

Alitek Premium Services (APS) is designed to help you plan, maintain, and extend your IT environment. We recognize each client has different needs, and for that reason we are flexible in providing the service offering that is right for you. Our team of EIM experts supports organizations of all sizes, helping them gain more value from their EIM systems and reduce their operating costs.

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