Paperless Office

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Paperless Office

Commercial Real Estate Organization reduced costs and physical server by moving to a cloud based paperless environment


Redundant storage costs eliminated


Streamlined tenant onboarding

Business Challenge

  • With 75 commercial properties and 30 multi-family communities along the West Coast, our family-owned client built its success on 30 years of manual, paper-based processes
  • Client was moving to an office with significantly less storage space and needed to reduce its paper footprint immediately 
  • As a part of the paper-reduction process, our client focused on improving its electronic repositories, applications, and processes
  • Client recognized that in order to compete for resources, it must evolve into a Paperless organization


  • Defined IT policies and standards
  • Utilized existing technology investment to provide a streamlined repository, and deeper business analysis determined that a simpler solution would suit the client’s immediate needs
  • Developed Records Retention policy 
  • Defined approach for handling paper documents, going forward
  • Designed an approach for handling email
  • Evaluated existing volume of paper; determined that long-term managed storage with on-demand scanning would provide more cost and time benefit than scanning all existing paper documents 

Benefits & ROI

  • Reduced overall cost of project by 60%, providing a simplified solution that allowed for future enhancements and growth, based on company readiness
  • Developed a plan to eliminate all physical servers in the organization and built program allowing client to migrate all content to Cloud storage.
  • Oversaw streamlining of corporate folder structure and optimized configuration in client’s existing Box environment, resulting in improved security, user adoption, and ease of content location
  • Implemented standard processes for collaboration and reviewing content using the Box platform
  • Reduced cost by identifying long-term storage solutions, circumventing the need for expensive third party document sorting, preparation, and scanning