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Process Automation

Automate Business Processes to Increase your Return on Investment

Process Automation enables organizations to replace their manual distribution and execution of tasks with an automated process solution, achieving a more efficient, measurable and predictable outcome. Through process mapping, choosing the appropriate technology to designing and implementing a solution that improves the reliability and efficiency of your critical business processes, Alitek will help your organization every step of the way. 

Alitek provides services in the following areas of process automation:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses machine learning to understand and automate an organization’s communication triage process and can be integrated with most existing business systems. Alitek will work with you to develop rules using your own process. Based on these pre-defined rules, documents are received, data is automatically extracted and processed, and documents are then sorted and sent to their proper department for approval…all in real time.

  • Save up to 80% of current spend by eliminating manual triage and missed SLAs
  • Reduce operational cost through real time visibility into communication channels
  • Free up critical staff from communication channel reviews to focus on higher value tasks 
  • Leverage existing content channels to increase overall productivity

Business Process Mapping

Alitek works with clients to identify their controlled and uncontrolled business processes. Understanding the nature of each process plays a critical role in determining how process automation can most effectively be applied and return the biggest ROI. Alitek can help your organization realize the following benefits around key best practices resulting from our Business Process Mapping workshops:

  • Identify efficiency gaps (what tasks can be automated)
  • Eliminate redundancy (what tasks can be consolidated or eliminated)
  • Increase consistency (reduce associated risk and overhead while improving reliability)
  • Improve Decision Making (enabled through fast reliable data)


Workflows enable your business to automate document-centric business processes by using the latest workflow methods and technology. With Alitek’s expertise your organization can realize the following benefits of automating your business processes:

  • Significant increases in productivity and operational efficiency due to streamlining of repeatable business processes
  • Improved business management through the ability to create a controlled, audited, and compliant business environment
  • Reduced costs through accelerated processes and reduced completion times
  • Cost savings through more efficient use of resources and the elimination of manual processes

Microsoft Power Automate (Flow)

Automating business processes has never been easier than it is today with Microsoft’s low-code, user friendly workflow platform called Power Automate (formerly known as Flow). Power Automate is an Enterprise grade automation platform that can integrate with Microsoft based platforms as well as many other third parties. Alitek has leveraged this platform numerous times to help organizations automate their critical business processes. Some of the notable features that sets Power Automate apart from its competitors include:

  • Low-code development
  • Multitude of third-party connectors
  • Seamless Power User enablement
  • Economically friendly license model

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