Aviation Services


SharePoint Online



Business Challenge

  • High employee-turnover rate (80+%)
  • Onboarding process required multiple check points to complete new-employee setup, all of which was completed via email and phone calls
  • No way to verify where in the onboarding process a new hire resides
  • Unreliable audit trail regarding what systems a new hire has been granted access to
  • Incomplete information captured throughout the process, causing¬† the overall onboarding duration to slow down
  • Inability to enforce conditional business rules


  • Designed overall workflow process that leveraged SharePoint Online, forms, and Microsoft Flow
  • Created a dashboard designed to act as a management console for all flows involved in the onboard of each new hire
  • Implemented a system to modify user role assignments for specific tasks throughout the onboard process
  • Conditional business logic is enforced by¬†custom forms

Benefits & ROI

  • Ability to quickly review user-specific information in the history/audit trail via a dashboard in SharePoint Online
  • Visibility into onboarding status of new-hires through HR and management dashboards
  • Highly manageable role assignments enabled through a SharePoint list