Business Challenge

  • Native-owned corporation with over 80 subsidiaries
  • Diversified portfolio of businesses including construction, tourism, and oilfield services
  • Small, centralized records team responsible for records management across the organization
  • Over 40,000 physical files and 8,000 boxes managed in 20 different spreadsheets
  • Electronic records stored in file shares throughout the organization
  • Ad hoc and unreliable retention, disposition, and eDiscovery processes


  • Provided a central repository for physical and electronic records based on OpenText Content Suite
  • Implemented a comprehensive corporate retention schedule using OpenText Records Management
  • Modeled records management processes using metadata to capture barcodes, abstracts, retention codes, and key dates
  • Enabled  powerful eDiscovery, disposition, and legal-hold functionality
  • Migrated physical records out of  spreadsheets and into the system

Benefits & ROI

  • Improved General Counsel’s ability to maintain compliance with legal standards
  • Enabled defensible retention and disposition procedures
  • Increased efficiency and capacity of the records team by simplifying processes and reducing search times
  • Standardized records management processes across all corporate subsidiaries
  • Eliminated manual management and tracking tasks for physical records
  • Reduced exposure to financial and legal risk