Midstream Oil & Gas


SharePoint Online


Business Challenge

  • Certain legal documents were highly sensitive and required restricted access. These included grievances, medical (HIPAA) information, and merger & acquisition (M&A) information
  • Legal documents were stored on different systems (file shares, employee PCs etc.) and were often inaccessible/unsearchable


  • Provided method for users to flag a document as confidential
  • Documents flagged as confidential had access restrictions applied immediately
  • Migrated key documents from local file shares and user PCs to targeted SharePoint sites
  • Enabled robust search functionality, utilizing search forms with refiners to allow users to readily narrow their search results

Benefits & ROI

  • Reduced time spent looking for business-critical documents
  • Enabled user self-service for document searching, ensuring that the most recent and relevant versions were available
  • Verifiably enforced security for sensitive documents

“I was able to find an important contract in seconds. Before it would have taken days … if we had found it at all!”

Sr. VP/Construction