OpenText DCTM & Captiva


Business Challenge

  • Patient care & billing information in multiple formats & locations
  • No connection between patient care records & billing
  • Insurance reimbursement delayed or not realized
  • No ability to correct patient records
  • Doesn’t meet HIPAA or ACA records requirements
  • No clinical knowledge capital capture to leverage
  • Clinicians spent 70% time on paperwork vs. patient  care


  • All patient care & billing 100% digital stored in secure centralized repository
  • Integrated EPIC (HL7) connecting all info to correct patient record via MRN
  • Federated data to applications (information proxies)
  • Patient care rounds templates
  • Merge/Overlay patient record quality solution
  • Medical billing automated quality control
  • Fully meets HIPAA & ACA standards protecting data at rest & in transit & facilitating outcomes based healthcare

Benefits & ROI

  • Accelerated $1M+/day reimbursement revenue
  • Consolidated records digitally with standardized data model
  • Reduced rounds overhead & facilitated clinical knowledge capture & leverage
  • Flexible, scalable, dynamic & accurate data sharing
  • Avoids HIPAA fines