Nuclear Power


OpenText Content Server


Business Challenge

  • Legacy content in Filenet repositories no accessible during significant legal discovery
  • 20+ legacy Nuclear, Fossil & Corporate divisions’ Filenet repositories several revisions out of support, due to significant customization & Filenet EOL
  • NRC audit CARs (Corrective Actions Reports) liability resulting from inability to produce current versions of procedures from electronic sources
  • No retention or disposition processes Manual Drawing & Transmittal management solution not workable as knowledge workers retired
  • Physical content only available through conversations with document custodians


  • Deployed a centralized Content Server platform for all legacy and future content
  • Migrated 75+ TB content to new application and retired Filenet
  • Implemented standard retention across entire corporation, including event-based retention, including trigger event workflows for single & multipage documents
  • Implemented custom Procedure searches & migrated all current procedures, successfully meeting procedure audit requirements
  • Defined and implemented a solution for drawings & transmittals

Benefits & ROI

  • Provided a platform to manage all corporate content and meet all future legal discovery needs
  • Improved user adoption for content management and access which eliminated significant manpower hours by the document coordinators
  • Avoided CARs/resulting fines & penalties
  • Current process access avoids personnel injury & equipment damage
  • Improved application upgrade & patch process which reduces cyber risk
  • Reduced support costs to maintain complex customizations in legacy Filenet application