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May 2020

Alitek & OpenText Webinar: Triage your Healthcare Communication Channels using AI & Intelligent Capture Webinar

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This informative webinar presented by Alitek Solutions and OpenText shares how your organization can benefit from automating their triage process and achieve numerous benefits including improving patient care and operational costs, increasing overall productivity, and saving up to 80% of current spend by eliminating manual triage processes and missing SLA’s. Read More

Adapting to the Challenges of Remote Learning in Clinical Education

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The spring semester for colleges and universities was one of rapid change and technology adoption. My personal connection to the Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) department at a small university in the Midwest allowed me to witness this change as it happened. Like many schools during the health crisis, this university responded to the call for social distancing by transitioning to an entirely online learning model. This decision was made quickly and with little time to prepare, challenging individual departments to implement the new model virtually overnight. This department consists of approximately 100 students, eight faculty, and a long list of community partners, with such partnerships being the hallmark of traditional SLP programs. SLP students are trained through a combination of classes and clinical placements which involve a wide network of schools, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities. With so many stakeholders, technologies, and priorities involved, this department’s transition would be especially challenging. Read More