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April 2020

Reducing the “Zombie Dollar” Spend in Your IT Budget

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In today’s economic reality, IT departments are being asked to deliver more capability with smaller budgets. Keeping service levels high while reducing spending requires us to look closely at every dollar we spend. One of the largest drains on IT budgets is the support and maintenance of legacy and redundant systems. Along the same vein as Zombie apocalyptic movies, you could make the comparison that legacy or redundant systems in your company are being supported by “Zombie dollars”. Each year, we add systems to our legacy support list, and eventually our maintenance spending surges to become a significant part of our IT budget. These “Zombie dollars” are spent in the same way, year after year. We are not increasing our service levels or capabilities. Do you want to find ways to reduce your IT spend? Read More

Adopting Microsoft Teams

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With COVID-19 continuing to impact people and countries around the world, employees everywhere are moving to remote work. More and more companies are choosing Microsoft Teams to create a remote collaborative workspace for their workers. Read More